About Rebecca

a_3501rebeccaAt a young age, Rebecca knew that she wanted to be an oncology nurse. She was drawn toward helping people in difficult periods of their lives. Working at the prestigious M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, she learned much about life and how fragile it can be. Unfortunately at that time, leukemia, melanoma and lymphoma were not curable diseases. Even after she changed careers, Rebecca continued to engage people in being purposeful and making the most out of life. Rebecca is passionate about helping others embrace the mantra “LIVE NOW” because we never know what tomorrow will bring.

Rebecca is a natural story teller, and uses her gift to help people hear the message and  understand, grieve, heal, laugh, and eventually see the solution…through the gift of story telling.

Rebecca is a published author and is constantly writing her next speech. She has crafted an article of which she titled, The Rhythm of Rest, featured in the Well Being Journal 2011. Rebecca is in the process of completing two books in the next few months.

Rebecca enjoys sharing her stories and giving her audience a way to reflect and to help themselves go forward in life, because, as her Mother would often say….” it is later than you think.”

Rebecca speaks to groups on a variety of topics which are designed to be food for the soul.

Please contact us for the opportunity to share Rebecca’s stories with you and your world.

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