Enjoy Each Day

time flies

“We waste so many days waiting for the weekend.  So many nights waiting for the morning.  Our lust for future comfort is the biggest thief of life”.  ~  John Glenn Clark

We all have heard the saying that “time flies”.   We run through life trying to do so many things that sometimes we look up and wonder how the years fly by as we are building a career, raising a family or just pushing through.  Life sneaks up on us and it seems that in just a moment, we look up and see an older face in the mirror and wonder where did the days go?

Make time and spend it with the people who add joy to your life.  Recognize that we are often great planners but not always “doers”.  Take a day of refection to uncover what is important to you.  Maybe your treasures are your time, your relationships or your talents. Remember to enjoy each day!

Make today a remarkable day!


Rebecca Kenyon

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Rebecca is a natural storyteller, and she uses her gift to help people hear the message and understand, grieve, heal, laugh, and eventually see the solution….all through her wonderful stories.

If you are interested in Rebecca for a speaking engagement, please contact her by phone at 602-818-6429 or via email at RebeccaKenyon7@gmail.com.

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