Shine A Light On It

Rebecca is a natural storyteller, and she uses her gift to help people hear the message and understand, grieve, heal, laugh, and eventually see the solution….all through her wonderful stories.

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We all know that it is important to be clear, focused, and bold as we share our interests and natural talents; otherwise, no one will know of our gifts to the world if we do not shine a light on it.

This week we talked about:

1.  Being clear in your mind in what you want and do not want in your life.

2.  Being bold, and coloring outside of the lines and allow others to see your true style

3.  Seeing it as part of you with your unique gift that you can share with others, which opens you up to many new ways of “seeing it and owning it”.  Without your passion, you will not be able to See it and Own it!

4.  The courage to be is the pinnacle of all of the work and challenges you have prepared for so you can be ready to step into the arena with courage and be triumphant.

5.  Shine a light on it so others can see the unique gifts you have to offer.

Above all, know how remarkable you are!


Rebecca Keyon

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