The Courage To Be

Rebecca is a natural storyteller, and she uses her gift to help people hear the message and understand, grieve, heal, laugh, and eventually see the solution….all through her wonderful stories.

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In being a change agent, there are times when you need to be courageous and stay on the yellow brick road because those who believe in you are following your lead.  Your role is to help your followers continue walking without any doubts.  You may have many ambitious plans, but you know you are on the right path.

Your desire and your heart will lead you to the right road.  The one that turns upward, and where you will begin believing that with a dose of courage, you can conquer any of your fears.  You were born with these gifts.  Now let your courage and your heart lead you onto the road to another great story.  It  is yours!

Have a remarkable day!


Rebecca Kenyon

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